Wednesday, September 04, 2019

A little mystery

About a week ago, I noticed that someone had dumped five piles of dirt in a field out at the end of the vineyard road. It's limestone "dirt" with very large limestone rocks mixed in. Each pile is almost as tall as me. At first I thought the dirt would be used to resurface the vineyard road, but on closer inspection I saw that the big rocks haven't been crushed into a usable gravel, at least not yet.

Five mysterious piles of dirt at the end of the road. Aliens?

The field is agricultural, so no buildings can be built there. There are no electrical, telephone, or sewer lines available out there, nothing but vineyards and woods. I'm assuming that the town put the dirt there, but I don't know. So, for now, the mystery remains. Who put those piles out there and why?


  1. Maybe trialling a soil process for the vines?

  2. "Pourquoi? Mystère."
    Arletty, Hôtel du Nord

  3. You may be right. Have you noticed any strange lights in the night sky recently? Seen mysterious things go whooshing by?

  4. paul, as good a guess as any.

    judy, :)

    emm, mysterious things go whooshing by all the time.

  5. I have a less optomistic suggestion. Ask the maire. This could be the start of construction workers with left over material starting an illegal dump site. From the photo, it doesn't look that way. It looks like this is material that could be used in the fields, maybe, or something, but there have been reports of illegal dumps in small towns and villages all over France, and if it is, it has to be dealt with at the start.

  6. Now that just might drive me crazy. I hope the answer is soon revealed and that some jerk didn’t just decide to dump it there. (What is a French jerk?)

  7. "Fly-tipping" was my thought too - it's a constant problem here in the UK (as many as a million reports a year, so who knows how many unreported); there are substantial punishments for those caught, but of course in the countryside it's easy for them to get away without leaving much of a clue as to who they are.


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