Monday, September 09, 2019

Sleepy hamlet

Now that summer vacations have ended, our little hamlet is quiet. Not that it was a rockin' hub of activity before last week, but things seem a little calmer now that fall is approaching. Our Parisian neighbors have gone back home, and our neighbors from Blois haven't been down much in recent weeks. The mayor and her husband were out of town over the weekend, and there are still two houses unoccupied, although we understand they've both been sold, or at least the sales are pending.

Our hamlet among the vines above the Cher Valley on a late summer afternoon.

The grass isn't growing much, so there's not much mower noise in the neighborhood. Someone did cut the grass at one of the unoccupied houses during the week. I suppose that once it sold, the previous owner stopped cutting and the weeds started to take over. The same happened at our house sixteen years ago. When we moved in, the grass and weeds were nearly waist-high.


  1. Another spectacular photo and view. It’s quite a bit quieter here in town. Mid October is when it really settles down here.

  2. So you'll have new neighbors soon. Wonder who they'll be?

  3. mitch, your weather stays better longer!

    evelyn, right!

    elgee, it is.

    emm, we shall see...


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