Thursday, September 05, 2019

A treat from the market

Last Friday, Ken and I went over to the nearby town of Montrichard and to their weekly market. We wanted to get another bunch of shellfish to finish off the paella. We also found some nice ripe melons, which of course means that we needed some jambon cru (cured ham) to serve with them. So we stood in line at a charcutier (like a deli) stand to get some. In the deli case were these tasty-looking savory pastries made with scallops called croustade de Saint-Jacques. Scallops are called coquilles Saint-Jacques in French, which refers to the shape of the shell being the symbol of Saint James. We got two.

Croustade de Saint-Jacques. Ken added the parsley.

We heated them up in the toaster oven and served them as an appetizer. They were a tasty treat and we decided they'd be worth getting again. It turns out that the people that run the charcuterie have their base in the town next to ours. They don't do the Saint-Aignan market on Saturdays, but they are in Blois twice a week, in Selles on Thursdays, Amboise on Sundays, and of course Montrichard on Fridays.


  1. OMB, that looks dee-lish! scallops in pastry; and I love scallops! pity I cannot have you ship some over here! :(

  2. Oui, Walt! Je voudrais deux pour moi, aussi!

  3. Those look downright yummy.

  4. Oh, yumm! I'm glad you two had something special for a little treat, considering the issues with the renewal process of your residency cards.


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