Monday, September 23, 2019

Amandine aux figues

We are so lucky to have nearby friends with a surplus of figs. They have one tree that produces abundantly, so they often have more than they can use. And they graciously offer some of their surplus to us.

Fresh figs from the tree.

On Sunday, I made what's called une amandine (a pie made with ground almonds) with figs. It was, and still is, delicious. We also ate some plain figs with our cheese course after lunch. Fresh figs and sheep's cheese go very well together.

Amandine aux figues. It was pretty and delicious, if I do say so myself.

The rest of the figs went into the freezer for use during the months to come. They freeze well and are useful for making a compote or a tart. Yum.

We ate some of these with cheese and red wine. Tasty!

You might remember that I planted a fig tree many years ago. It's never given us much, just a few figs here and there. And one year it froze completely to the ground, only to come back from the roots the next spring. We're still waiting for it to take hold and produce. Hope springs eternal.


  1. I love fresh figs and that pie looks delicious.

  2. Wow, would I love to taste that amandine!

  3. jealous of all those fav...hard to find around here...but just down the hill in upstate SC u can find

  4. This post makes me miss the fig tree we had in Anniston.

  5. Love fresh figs, and I didn't know you could freeze them!

  6. mitch, it was pretty good!

    judy, you can make one... I assume you can find figs.

    melinda, sounds like it's worth the trip!

    evelyn, do you have room to plant a new one?

    emm, I didn't either, but what the heck?


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