Friday, September 20, 2019

The garden shed

I showed a close-up of the shed last weekend, so here's a wider view. We had a new locking door installed soon after we moved in because the original door had rotted away. The tree is the smallest of our four apples, and it's in bad shape due to mistletoe. I've hacked a lot of it out, but it always comes back. The tree produces a couple dozen small unappetizing apples each season that aren't very useful, except to feed the compost pile.

The garden shed, where the rakes and shovels (and a few hundred spiders) live. You can see how brown the "grass" is.

I've contacted the guy who trims our hedge every year and he will schedule us soon. I also told him I have a big tree (not this one) that I want taken down and asked if he did that kind of work. He said yes, so maybe that will happen soon, too. I'll talk more about that tree in a separate post.


  1. It was a good choice to start hiring out that hedge-trimming job.

  2. That shed is charming. And I agree with Seine Judeet (I always do). So glad you hire that out now!

  3. A writer friend likes to find pictures of "writers' retreats", little cottage-type places. Your shed would make a good one (minus the spiders).
    I read "rakes and shovels" and my mind filled in the rest of the line: "and implements of destruction." And I was off on an earworm about 27-8x10 color glossy photographs . . .

  4. judy, I just could not physically do it any more.

    mitch, you should have seen it when we moved. Not the shed itself, but the fact that it was crammed FULL of junk. Some of which I still have.

    emm, I had to look that one up! I didn't remember.


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