Saturday, September 21, 2019

The leaning apple tree

This is the biggest apple in our yard. You can see how it leans toward the west. You can also see that several of the big, lower branches are gone, and how the upper branches are infested with mistletoe. What you can't see is that the main trunk is almost hollow (I'm sure there are critters living inside). If it wasn't for the fact that it's leaning into the prevailing wind, it might have come down by now.

Future firewood. There's more mistletoe than leaves on this apple tree. Again, notice how brown the "grass" is.

But this is not the tree I was talking about in yesterday's post. The one I want to have taken down is a tall cedar that's very close to the house and it, too, is dying. Most of the branches on the lower third of the tree are dead already. I've never really liked that tree, mostly because it's too close to the house and it's too close to its neighboring trees, a tall fir and a linden. Taking it out will help with light and will give the two healthy trees some breathing room.


  1. hope its cheaper there to get trees taken out...we just had some work done (a neighbor's huge oak tree fell onto our land) and it costs about $900-$1000 to have it chopped up...not even hauled away

  2. melinda, gosh! I'll see, I don't really know what it's supposed to cost.

  3. moro no aware as the Japanese say viz. things are ephemeral. When it comes down another tree can be put in its place yes?


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