Sunday, September 08, 2019

Saturday afternoon walk

Tasha and I walked out into the vineyard on Saturday afternoon as the weather system that came through mid-day was breaking up. We had a brief rain shower just after lunch that didn't amount to much. The vineyard was still as dry as a bone when we walked.

Looking west at about 18h00 on Saturday afternoon.

I looked at the long-range forecast for our area this morning. There's no rain predicted for the next ten days, and the high temperatures are expected to be in the mid 20sC (mid 70sF). Of course, the weather people don't always have a lot of luck with the long-range forecasts, so anything can happen. But their weather models are saying we'll stay warm and dry for a while yet.


  1. Those are some impressive clouds!

  2. Back when I studied wine, the season's climate was an important matter towards the 'vintage' if good/bad. I haven't heard this in a while; I think it's been replaced with more clever means to blend and bend the grapes so each year (regardless of the weather) is ~ same/OK.
    So I ask you? Does 'vintage' and weather still matter in France/wine making?

  3. autolycus, and they were in motion!

    michael, I think they do. Blends can only do so much to maintain characteristics from year to year, Champagne being the exception as it is blended not only with the three varietals (pinot noir, pinot meunier, and chardonnay) but also with wines from previous years (exceptional vintages can contain wine from that one year only). Climate also has an impact on the quantity of grapes in any given year, not just quality. Ok, there's the limit of my "knowledge!"

  4. That’s one spectacular photo of a dramatic sky. Such a shame about this unforgiving weather.


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