Friday, September 06, 2019

Dry, dry, dry

It's hard to imagine all the rain that southeast US coast is getting right now. It hasn't rained much here all summer. Grass and shallow-rooted plants are suffering. Even some of the trees look a little less lively than normal. If a tree can look lively.

The artichokes in our garden are as dry as the Atacama Desert. I'm surprised that they're still standing.

Ken's keeping close track of the hurricane news since much of his family is in coastal North Carolina. He's in touch with his sister by email, but is not sure how long that will last if (when) the power goes out.

Meanwhile, I've hidden away the Sharpies.


  1. And here in Northern Norway: wet, wet, wet. There are so many things I can't tolerate since El Trumpo took office. Like the words "huge" and "sad," the color orange, and Cheetos (OK, I've never liked Cheetos). Add Sharpies to the list.

    1. How about a few very, very, very to add to the list, Mitchell? And then there is: "Who would have known this could be so complicated?"

      Mary in Oregon

  2. the election can't get here fast enough

  3. That sharpie thing... UGH, UGH, and even one more, UGH. What an idiot.
    Merci, pour le premier grand sourire et rire pour vendredi, Walt!

  4. Hidden Sharpies, good thinking.
    Get out the vote, folks. Be proactive, don't assume your neighbors will do it on their own.

  5. I'm glad you all enjoyed my little joke. :)


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