Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Now you sedum, now you don't

Speaking of neglected plants... We put these sedum in an old planter box many years ago. The box sits on the ground out by the garden shed and only gets water when it rains. Which hasn't been much at all this summer. But they survive, even thrive, and this time of year they flower.

Kind of a wild, shabby chic look. OK, maybe just shabby.

One year, after digging up some iris bulbs to divide them, we "temporarily" piled them on the gravel next to this planter box. And there they have stayed. They sprout, grow, and flower every year. So there's color in the spring (iris) and color in the fall (sedum), and there's no maintenance. If only the tall grass would pull itself out...


  1. Thanks for my morning chuckle, Walt :)

  2. Ah, for a maintenance free garden. Sedum is great.

  3. Ha! I get some of my very best tomatoes that way.

  4. judy, the more you groan, the better it is! :)

    mitch, I have a friend whose philosophy is, "If if grows, great. If it doesn't, too bad."

    evelyn, it's a nice color.

    chris, volunteers are welcomed!


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