Sunday, September 15, 2019


These are the Jerusalem artichokes that I planted in front of the garden shed a few years ago. Apparently they don't fear neglect. I think I watered them once this summer. It's been so hot and very dry, as you know, and yet they hang in there. They're not as lush as they have been, but there they are.

The shed has seen better days. The dry ground shrinks beneath the building and cracks form in the facade. The same thing is happening to our house, and to a good number of houses across the country.

Today will be the hottest of our current warm spell before the temperatures drop to more seasonal levels, according to one of the weather sites I look at daily. Météo France, the national weather agency, predicts that the warm spell will continue for the next ten days. Who to believe?


  1. Jerusalem artichoke grows wild in the desert of Southern California, often in the vicinity of date palm orchards where it gets, or not, some moisture.

  2. just bought some artichoke pickles at farmers market here...they are harder & harder to find....digging them up is not easy
    Bert just wanted to play with cats bring moles & voles but rarely eat them

  3. The shrinkage and so cracks in the facades of your house caused by the ground drying out sounds alarming. Prompt remedial action seems in order before the problem causes structural damage? Or is it not a serious problem? Roderick

  4. Those look suspiciously like Japanese triffids.

  5. I've been reading a mystery set in 12th-century France that opens with characters complaining about the excessive summer heat -- of course, they didn't have fans or lightweight clothing -- so perhaps plus la meme chose.

  6. chm, I wonder if I've seen them and didn't know what they are?

    mitch, it's a bit wild, but nice.

    melinda, artichoke pickles sound good! Bert usually eats his mice, which is why that was unusual.

    roderick, it's a common problem, mostly cosmetic, but sometimes more serious.

    michael, they might be... we're in trouble!

    emm, there have always been heat waves in France, but the current waves are lasting longer and happening more frequently, apparently. I'm glad we wear shorts and t-shirts!


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