Thursday, July 02, 2020

Don't sit under the apple tree

Until I get the apples picked up. It took me two days to prune off the low-hanging branches of our two apple trees. Now I need to gather up the apples that came off those branches as they hit the ground. Then I'll be able to run the mower under the trees again without being slapped in the face.

The drooping low branches of both trees are gone now.

I do this every year, but this year the trees have more fruit than I've seen in a while and it's really weighing down the branches. Like I said yesterday, it may be time (this winter) to have the trees professionally pruned back again. It's too big a job for me because it involves ladder work and chain saws.

Most of the apples on the cut branches fell off when they hit the ground. Clean-up time!

I piled all the cut branches out in a section of the yard where they're out of the way. I'll dispose of them later in the fall when it's time to clean up the vegetable garden. The apples will go into the compost pile.


  1. I thought you wouldn’t sit under the apple tree because you might get hit in the head by falling apples.

  2. I'm in my 70's so the ladder would probably stop me but the chain saw - that's another thing! That could be exciting!

  3. Wow...that's a lot of apples!

  4. Glad you can mow under the apple trees now. Your garden looks promising!

  5. “... with anyone else but Ken.” Ken doesn’t rhyme with tree but so what. ;)

  6. mitch, that is also a good reason. It happens from summer through fall.

    sillygirl, I use my chainsaw less and less these days, mostly to cut fallen branches into burnable lengths.

    michael, and it's only the beginning...

    evelyn, I'm hopeful. It's all about the weather!

    bettyann, ha!

    judy, I'm always wondering about it... ;)

  7. I remember there is a French fairy or goblin type you are supposed to leave the last apple on the tree lest it become cranky. Do you know this/its name?


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