Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Radis roses

Pink radishes are common in France this time of year. They're a favorite at apértif time, served raw with sweet butter, salt, and fresh bread. The oblong radishes are sold in bottes (bunches) with their fanes (leaves) and we've been enjoying one bunch a week for the past couple of months. They're crisp and crunchy and sweet, very different from the sharp taste of the round red radishes I remember from the US.

Radis roses, trimmed (roots and leaves) and soaking (to dislodge any stubborn dirt). And yes, we eat the green part, too.

By the way, the round red radishes are available here more and more. And I saw one vendor at the Saturday market in Saint-Aignan who offers radishes of many colors, something I've not seen before. Maybe I should give them a try.

I grew radishes in our vegetable garden for a couple of years, but the slugs really like them. That, and the fact that they have to be sewn successively to have a steady crop, make buying them in the market much more practical.


  1. I've never had these radishes. I'm sure I would love them. Will have to look for them here. Jerry's mother loved radish sandwiches. Wonder bread and sliced round radishes.

  2. Beautiful and delicious looking! I’ve known about these radishes but have not eaten any probably because I’m in France usually in the fall. I didn’t know they were sweet, now I really want to try them. Radishes have not been available here in Florida for at least two months and no one can tell us why or when they will be available. Very strange.

    (No internet for the last three days.)

  3. Two words chez nous: root weevils. So we buy them at the market too.

  4. I have never had these radishes either. I think I would like them.

  5. Pink! Of course I would love to see them and eat them! Radishes are so rewarding to grow here - 30 days and I've never experienced a slug problem when I had a garden here or in Wisconsin. Just lucky, I guess!. IF I remember correctly, it was the cucumbers and broccoli that we were always trying to fight the slugs. My Mother put out jar lids filled with beer that attracted the slugs! ICK - she then had to dispose of the slugs in the lids.


  6. mitch, I remember radish sandwiches. Can't remember the last time I had one.

    bettyann, well, sweet compared to the other kind. They're not as peppery.

    chris, I don't want to use pesticides, so I'm better off buying certain produce.

    michael, are they available where you live?

    mary, it's always something! I'm afraid to use the beer technique... I don't know if the dog would lick it up!

    1. I have never seen one of those types of radishes before. I know I would love them!

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