Saturday, August 27, 2022

Cut grass

Once again, the grass is cut. Not that there's much grass. What grows in this dry and hot weather is weeds. Most of the grass is brown, except for what survives in the shade of the trees. I gathered up all the apples under the two apple trees early on Friday morning. Ken helped me pick them up and into the wheelbarrow, then I dumped them into the compost piles behind the garden shed. But there were too many to fit. I dumped four wheelbarrows full into our two compost piles before they started to roll out. So now there's a pile of apples (two wheelbarrows full) in the garden plot. There will be more.

A view of a portion of the west forty with the two apple trees on the left. The line of grape vines behind them marks the boundary between the west and north forties. To the right of the garden path is the south forty. The whole property is about half an acre.

The west forty takes about forty minutes to cut. The north, a little more than half an hour. The south forty, as I mentioned yesterday, about twenty minutes plus another fifteen to do the strip along the outside edges of the property. However, I no longer do it all in one go as I used to. These days I break it up into three stages. Not to mention trimming along the edges of the garden path which isn't done yet.


  1. I agree, Mitchell. You keep things looking so nice there, Walt.

  2. Even breaking it up, that’s a lot of grass to cut. Good job!

  3. A beautiful vista. Very relaxing and well-maintained yard with those trees and the inviting garden path. Nicely framed. Time to enjoy the fruits of your labor at your neighbor's celebration!

  4. I grow less happy with grass in favor of anything else, including triffids


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