Friday, August 12, 2022

Golden glow

The sun is blindingly bright as it rises. Walking out from the house is ok because my back is to the east. But coming home I'm facing east and the sun is nearly at eye level. There's no escaping it.

Looking east as the sunrises.

This is one of those vineyard parcels that was dug up a couple of years ago. Like the others, some of the grape vines have come back from roots. Otherwise, the field is filled in with wildflowers and tall grass.


  1. Your morning theme music could be Sting's "Fields of Gold." Kiwi

  2. Such a beautiful meadow.

  3. That color should be in mid September

  4. That does look bright. Wishing you some cool and wet.

  5. chm, bunches of them!

    kiwi, cool!

    bettyann, the sunlight makes it glow!

    travel, things seem to be happening earlier every year, although grain and hay harvests normally happen in summer, so I'm not sure.

  6. Splendid! This looks like August.


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