Tuesday, August 30, 2022


Just a quick post as a thunderstorm is moving over us first thing this morning. And it's raining! So we're closing windows and moving the car and hoping the power doesn't go off. We had a brief power outage yesterday (for no apparent reason) that lasted just long enough to cause the computers to go out, along with several digital clocks. The satellite tv is out now because the storm is between us and the satellite.

About three quarters of our yard and garden. There's more behind me and to the right.

This is a panorama of the back yard. The gate is behind me and I'm looking east. I didn't intend to take a "pano" shot, but noticed that two of the photos were pretty much adjacent, so I stitched them together in Photoshop. You can see our disaster of a vegetable garden on the left. The house is toward the back on the right. Maybe I'll make an effort to get a better "pano" at some point soon.


  1. Good job with the accidental pano shot. Resetting the clocks is always a pain. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen often here. In Sevilla is was much more common. But those power surges and the computers always concern me, even with surge protectors.

  2. Is it an artichoke I see at the end of your potager? Very good stitch.

  3. Nice shot of your nice yard. I've seen some of your previous gardens in the good years. Maybe next year will be normal, although it's hard to remember normal lately.

  4. This is such a nice shot of your backyard. Thanks.

  5. mitch, power losses happen here a lot less than they used to since they undergrounded our wires. Still, those little less-than-a-few-seconds outages are annoying.

    chm, it is indeed! It just came up there from a seed.

    evelyn, that's for sure. Let's hope!

    bettyann, :)


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