Saturday, August 13, 2022

La lune

The sky has been absolutely clear for about a week and we've been able to watch the moon wax to full and begin to wane. The nights are bright with moonlight while the stars fade into the background. I can just make out the Big Dipper and Casseopeia in the night sky, but that's about it. We expect clouds to move in later tonight/tomorrow morning, so the show will be over.

A little lunacy for your Saturday. Just past full.

Along with the clouds will come some welcome cooler temperatures. Until then, today will be another hot one.


  1. Yours is the only full moon I’ve seen this month, thanks. We’ve had mostly cloudy weather for about a week and we, too, are desperate for rain.

  2. Driving home last night from the Scandinavian Festival the moon was HUGE! A golden orb one could not miss! I regret not stopping to snap a photo. I must remember to go out tonight with my camera. A new moon and hopefully a new cooler week for you, two!

  3. Lucky you! I always long for rain/thunder and I got some - on the night of the full moon, so I missed this one.


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