Friday, August 05, 2022

Half Dome

The other of the two most recognized mountain formations in Yosemite is Half Dome. I read that it is actually the most recognized mountain in the park. Plate tectonics pushed the granite domes (formed when magma cooled) up toward the surface and erosion helped to expose and continued to shape them. Subsequent glaciation and further erosion carved the valley and, in this case, scraped away a good part of the exposed dome.

Half Dome, Yosemite National Park. Digitized color slide, August 1998.

Our heat wave has broken. Sort of. The temperature really cooled down over night when a weather system moved in. We got very little rain here, but at several times during the night I could see lightning flashes in the distance. The lightning was too far away to hear any thunder. This morning is cool, but the humidity is up. It's supposed to get up to about 30ºC (mid-80s F) this afternoon.


  1. I'm glad for you to have only these relatively short high-heat spells this summer. Yuck.

  2. Where is the other half? On vacation?

  3. I forgot to mention that I like that Wild Chicory Image of the Week. Thank You!

  4. judy, thanks. It's expected to warm up again through next week. Here we go again!

    chm, yes! It went to the valley.

    woody, thank you!

  5. Another great photo. What a place. As for the heat and humidity, we were complaining about 60 percent humidity and 27 degrees at home. 93 percent humidity here. But at least it's only gone as high as 20˚.

  6. As I read them in reverse I realize these are not scenes from the Loire


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