Sunday, August 21, 2022

Wood Pile Progress

I spent about half an hour on Saturday morning moving logs. That's after a trip to the market and the vet's (nothing wrong with the pets, just picking up some dental chews and kibble). I think I got the back row done. I estimate there are at least two more rows and maybe some leftovers after that.

The pile is bigger than it looks in this photo.

Ken suggested that we pile up the extra logs around the corner under one of the garage windows (which is under the deck). So that's what we'll do. I have another small pile of leftover logs from last season under one of the maple trees out front. It will stay put. Those logs are under a tarp and I'll burn them first when the time comes.

One row is done, but it could take a little more if necessary. The towers are working. Those garbage cans are full of kindling.

It looks like the weather will cooperate by not raining until I get the stacking done. The rain won't hurt the logs, I just don't want to work in it. Three or four more days should do it. It feels good to know that we have firewood and a full tank of heating oil. We're ready for when the season changes.


  1. It's a work of art. And what a workout!

  2. I applaud your hard work!

  3. Ooh, I like that other expression of yours, "The more you do, the less you have left to do." Great thought!
    This does look nice and neat, and it is a good feeling to be organized, and ready :)

  4. Mary in Oregon21 August, 2022 22:52

    Be careful what you wish I have been reading in the past several weeks. Just a few moments ago I read about a cheese manufacturer in the Auvergne has had to shut it'sfactory down, after 2000 continuous years of never having to do that during world wars, etc. Now, it was because of the heat and then the flooding (I think I remember it correctly (?)). Let's hope you don't have a horrible winter. Even if you are well prepared.

  5. mitch, and neither one of us was seriously injured!

    bettyann, it always feels good to get something done.

    michael, thanks!

    judy, I have to tell myself that to keep going.

    mary, let's hope!


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