Wednesday, August 03, 2022

One more time

Here's a somewhat blurry close-up shot of a wild carrot (Queen Anne's Lace) flower head. I messed up the depth of field settings. But the part of the flower I was interested in came out fine: the underside.

The underside is almost as pretty as the flower itself.

We're getting our heating fuel tank filled this morning. With what's going on around the globe these days I thought it might be a good idea to buy fuel in the heat of summer before demand goes up this fall, and the prices along with it. But I may have jumped the gun. I checked this morning and the price for the quantity I'm getting went down since last week. I don't think I'll get the lower price since I locked in the price when I ordered. It's not a big difference, but every penny counts, right? Oh well. Win some, lose some.


  1. What Woody said.

  2. Probably a good idea, anyhow, to get the oil.

  3. I try to get my gas tank (car) filled when I notice that the prices are climbing - then usually the next day the prices drop. We can only try to save a buck now and then. Somedays we win ... and then there are those other days!

  4. woody, bettyann, thank you!

    judy, better than waiting, I think. Now we're ordering firewood.

    mary, ugh!

  5. I remember hearing you can eat the roots like a carrot; I have never done so.


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