Monday, August 01, 2022

Pomme de pin

The pine cone is commonly called a "pine apple" in French. The fruit we anglophones call a pineapple is ananas for the French, which is one letter away from bananas in English which, in French, is bananes. Confused? The official French name for the fruit of the conifer is, as you might guess, un cône.

Une pomme de pin par terre.

The heat is on. We may go over 100ºF by mid-week. The news people are saying that this is the third high heat event in France already this summer. And we have all of August yet to go.


  1. In Spanish, the word for pineapple and pinecone the same, piña. Context can be very important. We’ve been complaining about our heat and humidity, but we’ve experienced nothing like yours.

  2. Oh, gracious. Sorry to hear about your upcoming heat issues.

  3. mitch, our humidity is quite low, so the heat is bearable.

    michael, happy Lammas! And happy Llamas, too, while we're at it. ;)

    judy, and it's so dry. Every day there's a news story about the drought.


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