Friday, August 26, 2022

Fort du Petit Bé

Here's another of the defensive forts that once protected the walled city of Saint-Malo, a city on English Channel in Brittany. Le fort du Petit Bé was built in the seventeenth century as part of the network of defensive structures conceived by Vauban to protect the city. I read that it is accessible to visitors at low tide. Just be sure not to get stuck when the water starts to rise.

Le Petit Bé, just off the coast of Saint-Malo. Digitized color slide, January 1992.

I got out early yesterday to cut the grass in the south forty. It only takes about twenty minutes, so it's not a huge chore. Still, there are a lot of obstacles like shrubs and trees to navigate around, so there's some effort maneuvering the lawnmower around them. All that's left now is the west forty, the largest of the yard's sections. The one where the apple trees are.


  1. We went to St Malo on our last trip to Normandy, it is amazing.

  2. Be careful when you mow under the apple tree lol!

  3. Uh-oh. The secret has been revealed. Each of the mowing sections takes about 20 minutes. Here I thought you had it divided up as each section was huge and took a lot of "energy" to finish. Maybe there needs to be time to keep up with any tennis tournaments that are playing. Or there is always that special dessert to prepare (a worthy pursuit if I do say so myself!) That would explain the division of labor. That makes sense. And then there are the apples - maybe that section is the dreaded dangerous one (start the Jaws music....).

  4. mitch, :)

    judy, it's always a challenge to pick the day. Too hot? Too wet? Too cold? I'm always looking for an excuse...

    travel, I haven't been back sine '92. One of these days!

    evelyn, I have been conked on the head a few times, that's for sure.

    mary, each section has it's own quirks and takes more or less time.

  5. I can almost feel the history behind this one and see the battles.


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