Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our blackberry

We can't do email or make phone calls with it, but our blackberry gives us fruit. If the critters don't gobble it up first, that is. We don't get much, it's a young plant and only produces a handful of berries. It's a variety without thorns, given to us by a friend from across town.

The blackberry is blooming now.

She gave us a few canes a couple of years ago and Ken planted them out by the back fence. Only one survived, but it looks like it will do well where it is.

Our weather continues to be overcast with showers. I got sixteen of our twenty-four tomato seedlings in the ground yesterday. I dug holes, hauled compost from the compost pile to the garden plot and filled the holes, then planted each seedling directly in the compost. The garden soil is mostly clay that is very hard to work when it's wet, even after nine years of being worked and amended. I'll get the rest of the tomatoes in the ground today.


  1. At least it's not to hot to be working in the garden!

  2. The colors of your blackberry photo are perfect- guess the constant cloud cover is good for photos ;-)

  3. Whew, that's beaucoup de hard working, planting all of those seedlings!
    I noticed yesterday that we have 4 green tomatoes already! I'm amazed! I believe they're little red grape tomatoes-- new plant for me this year.
    We have two spots where tomato plants just sprouted up from last year, I guess from a spot where a tomato rotted in the ground and left its seed. I don't even know what variety they will be, so it will be fun to watch.

  4. We had a thornless blackberry in our garden in Maastricht it grew quite quickly and gave us loads of fruit.

  5. You guys are becoming quite the farmers!


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