Sunday, June 09, 2013

The rainclouds are back

We had a spectacular week. Saturday was cloudy, but warm, and it rained overnight. The women's final in Paris went without a hitch and it was a fun match to watch. I'm glad Serena Williams won; it's her sixteenth Grand Slam title (wow!) and she spoke French in her interviews and to the crowd in her trophy acceptance speech. Nothing wins the hearts of the French crowd more than a champion who speaks French.

A ferocious looking insect rests among acacia flower blossoms.

Today, the weather is a bit more iffy for the men's final. We woke up to overcast and fog and we're expecting showers off and on during the day. I want to get my tomato plants set out in the garden. I'll have to play it by ear.


  1. I'm surprised Serena speaks French. It's most unexpected.

  2. Your bug (and it is a bug in the true sense) looks like Gargara genistae, a treehopper specialising in leguminous plants.

  3. It is chilly and raining in Paris right now.

    Let's hope last week won't be the shortest summer on record!

  4. Lol, chm! Starman, Serena has spent enough time in France to pick up the language.

  5. Hope you are OK, chm ;-) warm regards !

    1. Thank you Marie, I'm fine, just freezing cold. What can i do?

      Warm regards to you too.

  6. Williams vs. Sharapova was a great match. Serena's match winning point was a 123 mph ace. A true "coup de grâce".


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