Friday, June 07, 2013

A fly but no ointment

We had a second roofer visit us last evening. The first one came and told us he'd give us a call with his price, but we haven't heard from him since Tuesday. The latest guy said he'd send an estimate by email. He diagnosed the problem consistently with all the other people who've looked at the roof, so we feel pretty confident we know what the issue is. Now if we could only get someone to do the work. We'll see.

This looks like a common house fly to my untrained eye, sunning itself on a branch of fresh acacia leaves.

Today is men's semi-final day at Roland Garros. Two very interesting matches up: Nadal/Djokovic and Tsonga/Ferrer. I've also been enjoying a little of the senior/"old" players tournament. I'm glad they televise the matches, giving us a chance to see some of our favorite players from the past. I've seen Michael Chang, Henri LeConte, Guy Forget, Mats Wilander, Martina Navratalova, and John McEnroe, among others. Good fun!


  1. Your fly is a Bluebottle Calliphora sp. Much bigger than a common house fly, although they come into houses much more commonly than house flies do these days. Common house flies aren't all that common any more (unless you live near a pig farm). There has been a semi serious suggestion to Red List them they are becoming so uncommon.

  2. at least it does not have a human head screaming HELP MEEEEEEE!

    hard to think of john and martina as "seniors". ;-)

  3. Interesting to learn from Susan that Musca domestica sp. is still commonly found in the oinkment.

  4. Let's hope that whomever agrees to do the work ensures that it is a job well-done and that you won't have to face another leak in the future.
    Lucky you with the temperature- we have had to put the heat on since last night ( it was 66 F and going down)
    Enjoy your WE watching the matches

  5. I wouldn't say that photo is beautiful... But it is stunning x

  6. I despise flies; they are not so much insects but pestilence on wings.


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