Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This is becoming a normal sight

Our skies have looked like this most of the spring. This was Sunday. At least it wasn't raining, like it is this morning. We had rain most of Monday afternoon after a dry morning and it rained off and on through the night. It's supposed to continue for another forty-eight hours.

A dramatic sky over the vineyard out back. Pretty, but I'd rather have sun.

So I had several piles of trimmings from the forsythia shrubs to deal with on Monday morning. Rather than chuck them all into the woods to decompose or pile them up in a corner to burn this fall, I decided to sharpen the blade on the yard waste chipper and reduce it all to mulch for the compost pile. Worked great. That's about all I got done outside before the rain started.


  1. I know you'd rather have sunshine....me too.
    How did you sharpen the blade on the waste chipper machine....sounds dangerous, but at least you got the job done.

  2. Well, the clouds make for a very impressive shot, at least :) Glad your 'maters are growing! I hope the weather will warm up for them. Ours are doing well so far!

  3. You seem to be having the kind of summer I remember from my trips.

  4. We've had some pretty dramatic skies over this way too Walt. Perhaps the End of Times?

  5. I love thunderstorms; what we have a 'monsoons' which are boring compared to proper fronts/storms.

  6. virginiac, we got ourselves an electric sharpening machine (spinning wheels of stone) for sharpening tools, including our lawnmower blade and grass shears.

    nadege, merci!

    judy, I can see them getting bigger every day. I hope the hail stays away.

    starman, yeah, it's kind of normal.

    ron, I hope not, at least not until the tomato harvest is in!

    michael, I like nice gentle thunderstorms. Violent weather scares the bejesus out of me.


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