Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Please don't eat the daisies

They're probably not edible, anyway. We went to a small party on Monday afternoon, hosted locally by some friends of fellow blogger "ladybird" who's in town visiting. It was a lovely day, one of the best we've had recently, and we sat out in the sun most of the afternoon.

Daisies growing along the fence around the donkey meadow.

We came home with light sunburns on our faces. Not one of us thought that we'd have that problem, given all the overcast we've had recently. The forecast for the next few days is for sun and warmth, with temperatures in the low to mid-twenties (mid-seventies, in fahrenheit). That will be very nice, indeed.


  1. It's great to have some nice weather, at last.
    We deserve it I think !!

  2. Love the textures on the fence post from the decay in the wood... and the shapes of the lichens.

  3. Our noses and forearms (and probably waistlines!) show the signs of a wonderful afternoon.

  4. Walt

    Has the roofer found the root cause for the leaK ?
    It is miserable here after two beautiful days last week when the mercury was in the 30's

    1. t.b., he (and other roofers before him) have said that it's because the tiles are too close to the "v" of the valley. They're not far enough apart to allow heavy rains to drain quickly, causing water to back up and spill over the flashing into the house.

  5. The fence post is most interesting. Good to see you've got some decent weather at last.

  6. hmmm i wonder are they edible?


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