Sunday, June 16, 2013

More fruit

Here are some little peaches growing next to the vineyard to the north of our house. Someone who lives outside our hamlet owns the land they grow on. We see him from time to time out there clearing the ground around the trees. Other people (his family?) sometimes come up in the summer to pick fruit.

Peaches on the tree.

I'm hoping to get out this morning to trim two forsythia bushes that are getting out of control. There's a two-hour window on Sundays for using noisy power tools (town rule). The trimmer is electric, so it doesn't make too much noise.


  1. fuzzy fruit! I imagine that those mature peaches would make a great tarte!

    "There's a two-hour window on Sundays for using noisy power tools (town rule)." - damn, I wish we could implement some rule like that in this 'hood, especially in fall; I detest the sound of a leaf blower!

  2. Peaches are ripe here in 'Bama now, need to get me some soon.

  3. Such great close-ups you are showing us. I may have to spring for a new camera. You are inspiring me, Walt,
    to get back into my interest for photography!

  4. Oh, I love that noise rule! When we lived in Irvine, gas-powered trimmers and leaf-blowers seemed to be going 8 hours a day. It was beautifully maintained and usually impossible to enjoy.

    And that is one peach of a photo!

  5. I like that they try to eliminate as much noise as possible. I wish they would do that here.

  6. anne marie, I'm hoping that we might "find" some later this summer... Leaf blowers are not a problem here, we've got your lawnmowers, weed-eaters, tillers, chainsaws, chippers, and tractors. I have all of the above, except for the tractor. The grape growers and other farmers don't have to abide by the rule since they're livelihood depends on working with the weather.

    evelyn, probably in Georgia, too, eh?

    mary, it's fun, but often frustrating.

    mitch, I also get cranky when I'm sitting on the deck in the afternoon, after getting my noisy work done in the morning, only to serenaded by my neighbors' lawnmowers. Aaack!

    starman, Sundays are still kind of sacred here. Most stores are closed, and even grocery stores are only open in the morning on Sundays. I like that.

    1. anne marie, of course I meant "their." lol


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