Sunday, June 23, 2013


You can't see what's in the pots, but it's all good stuff. On Saturday we ate leftover Brunswick Stew served on bulgur wheat. I made hush-puppies (deep fried cornbread) to go with it all. One of those pots has the stew, another the wheat, and the third contains the oil in which the hush-puppies would be fried.

Our pots from Macy's, still serving us well in France.

Ken and I got these pots (and more) at Macy's Union Square in San Francisco back in the eighties. The Macy's brand back then was called "Tools of the Trade." They have served us well ever since. To infinity, and beyond!


  1. Buying quality in pots and pans is the best way. It took me until my 40's to learn that but like you I think that ours will last until my clogs are popped.

  2. are you serious? those pots look brand new! I have something similar, but mine have glass lids.

    hush puppies...ummmmmmm...

  3. Those are some sturdy looking pots. I like quality cookware that lasts and lasts.
    What they're selling these days in the stores can't come close to what was available in years gone by.
    Your stove looks clean and new.

  4. I'm a little concerned Walt - Hush Puppies here are slippers and Brunswick is a bit of a tenerloin district in Melbourne.
    Having said that, whatever comes out of those pots, I'm sure will be very nice.

  5. My Mother's toaster was still going albeit with a broken handle when she died at 82. Because I grew up with it and she had warned me that if I didn't pay attention to my choices of products purchased, I might have to live with them for a long time! Consequently, I sometimes spend more and oftentimes, delay purchases until I am totally satisfied with the home item. Your pans are an example of that philosophy - in my book!
    That toaster was a wedding present and my parents were married for 56 years.

    Could you see the Super Moon last night? It was too cloudy here in the Northwest.

  6. Too cloudy here in Saint-Aignan too, Mary. No moon visible.

  7. I never liked that style of pot. It's much too easy to spill things because of the curved top. Of course, you guys probably never spill anything.

  8. I'm envious of the gas burners. My stove is electric, and I really dislike cooking that way.

  9. That's what I should do! Put a bunch of covered pots on the stove and take a photo. Then claim they're filled with good things to eat. Which, of course if I placed them there, they would not be. But I trust you.

  10. craig, "... until my clogs are popped?" I have no idea when that could be! lol

    anne marie, I love hush puppies so I had to learn how to make them. Turns out, they're easy!

    virginiac, the stove is about five years old now. It's the second one we've had here.

    leon, hush puppies are a southern US thing. I'd never had them until I met Ken.

    mary, we couldn't see the moon at all. But I saw it this morning (Tuesday) in the wee hours and just before it set.

    starman, never. hahahahaha!

    emm, there's one electric burner which comes in handy for simmering. Our previous stove was halogen and it never got hot enough, so we switched to gas.

    mitch, claim? Ha! I wouldn't publish any photos of my messier meals... which are the majority.

  11. Silly, I know, but did you know that to your UK readers, "hush puppies" are a brand of shoe...?!

    1. autolycus, yes, they are in the US, too. But in the south, they're also these little fried cornbreads.


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