Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer's here

Kinda. Sorta. According to the calendar, today is the summer solstice. But our spring weather continues: overcast, breezy, showery, and cool. And the forecast is for even cooler temperatures through the weekend. Joy.

Wild bellflowers on the edge of the vineyard.

The wildflowers are doing their thing in the fields and woods and around the vineyard and everything is very green. Northeastern France (and by extension Germany and much of eastern Europe) has been suffering under a heat wave with temperatures in the thirties (around 90ºF). Consequently, they've been having serious thunderstorm activity with big hail and high winds. There's been a lot of damage up there in the past day or so. And in the southwest, they're dealing with bad flooding due to rain and snow-melt from the Pyrenees.

Our mild weather doesn't seem so bad compared to all of that.


  1. Enjoy the mild weather. As my dad used to say, "it could be worse."

  2. Here, fog rolled in off the sea this afternoon. But still very comfortable. We've had two weeks of mostly perfect weather. Wonder what's coming our way from other directions. I do love what your weather is doing for the wildflowers.

  3. Again, I've never noticed wild bellfowers. So delicate compared to the ones I'm used to.

    We're definitely not having the extreme weather you've been experiencing here in the N.W., however, again today it is cloudy and dark (although the forecast is between 75 - 80 F. later once the clouds dissipate.
    On and off rain yesterday and those spurts were heavy. I was running errands and once inside the big-box, windowless stores I was always wondering what I would face when I left the stores. A couple of times I was lucky - bright sunshine - but then I had to hustle to my car with my hood up and keeping the tops of the bags covered up. Crazy summer.

  4. Lots of flooding in Germany and Switzerland too, according to internet news.


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