Monday, June 10, 2013

More daisies

I'm running out of photos. The camera is not getting a workout. I've barely left the house. On the nice days this past week, I was either working in the garden or socializing. And watching tennis on television. That won't end; we're moving into grass court season. English tennis and all that rot, what.

Daisies smiling up at me.

I'm still trying to finish planting the vegetable garden. The tomato seedlings still need to be set out. Maybe today or tomorrow, depending on the rain. I got some marigolds into the ground on Sunday. Hip, hip, cheerio!


  1. they DO look happy, don't they?

    I think we need some bertie pix, eh wot?

  2. Coincidence, I just posted my daisy picture this morning. I didn't plant the daisies, they just came up. Must have been airborne seeds. Still, very pretty with the red roses. I've always liked daisies.
    Retired in Delaware

  3. I liked your pun yesterday, Walt! "play it by ear!"

    So when you say the clay courts are over, are there other big tournaments that are played on clay besides the French Open?

    Daisies always make me smile; they just look so happy themselves, don't they!

  4. HA HA H! I thought it read "day courts"!!

  5. One can't ever have enough Daisies can they?

  6. anne marie, ok! Watch for Tuesday's post.

    ron, airborne or dropped by birds. They're nice when they're volunteers!

    mary, there's a clay court tournament in Houston, US, on the men's side and in Charleston, SC, on the women's side. Otherwise, the clay season includes Barcelona, Valencia, Estoril, Monte Carlo, Rome, Nice, Halle, Hamburg, Buenos Aires, Acapulco, Casablanca, Bucharest, Bastad, Munich, Madrid, and, of course, Paris. There are others...

    starman, that too. lol

    michael, I get full after about a dozen. ;)


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