Thursday, June 20, 2013

No leaks, so far

We had some serious rain on Wednesday but (sound of knocking on wood) thankfully the kitchen ceiling didn't leak. This could either be because it didn't rain hard enough (although I thought it did at one point) or because the last roofer to look at the problem moved the tiles around and cleaned out some accumulated debris. Or because of both.

Acacia flowers while they were blooming. They're all gone now, with the wind and the rain.

We have since hired that roofer. We signed the estimate and sent him a deposit and now we're waiting for him to schedule the work. It will be nice not to have to dread every rainstorm that comes our way. Especially this year, as they seem to come in succession.

When the Vélux roof windows got fixed last year, we felt a huge load of stress evaporate. Every time it rained, the drywall around the windows would soak up water like a sponge. Goodness only knows what was going on inside the wall with the insulation. But that's all repaired now and we haven't seen any dampness there since last year. I'll be glad when I can say the same about the kitchen ceiling.


  1. Acacia - such pretty flowers, such good honey, such an invasive monster. I always wanted a golden Robinia until I saw the ever-spreading acacia stands along the roadsides.

    1. In its native Virginia, Robinia [Black Locust] does't seem to spread and proliferate as it does in France. In addition, the flowers do not seem to smell as much either. I've never heard of Black Locust honey there. Pity.

  2. I think the new roofer will get the problem fixed once and for all....wish you luck .

  3. Hope the roof is fixed before les grandes vacances arrive. I was watching the news last night and the poor souls in Pau, St Béat and Lourdes are not lucky - the mucky rivers running through the towns.

  4. So, did this new roofer describe some different kind of fix than others had done? So glad for you to have gotten the other leaking taken care of.

  5. Too bad your beautiful flowers have such a short lifespan with all the wind and rain.
    Amazing that the roof hasn't leaked lately with your heavy spurts. I'm crossing my fingers the mystery leak will soon be conquered.

  6. Marigold may be common but I do love them. They never fail.

  7. Hoping the roofer will get it right this time. Maybe you should confront the last guy and demand your money back.

  8. pollygarter, we have them within sight of the house, but none on our property. Maybe that's a good thing?

    chm, I didn't know that!

    virginiac, thanks!

    t.b., I hope so too. I'm tired of fearing the rain!

    judy, no, it's pretty much the same thing. He did propose fixing a few of the laths/battens on which the tiles hang.

    mary, me too!

    ron, I planted some outside and they were promptly munched to death by snails. Ugh!

    starman, nobody's worked on this problem yet. One roofer did some repair as a possible fix, but he wasn't sure it would work and said he'd go further if necessary. The problem is that he's to busy to do it now.


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