Monday, June 03, 2013

An adonis blue

At  least, I think this is what this is. I don't know if it's a female or a male since I never saw the wings folded out. On the male, the outside of the wings is a beautiful blue color (hence the name). In French, it's called a belargus or adonis bleu or azuré bleu céleste.

This little butterfly sat perfectly still for me in the early morning light.

This one was sunning itself in the early morning. Probably too early for it to flit around. I wonder where they spend the night?

In other news, I met a neighbor from down the road during my evening walk with Callie. We've seen each other to wave for a couple of years now; he has a jack russell terrier that Callie recognizes. Yesterday we happened to be on the road at the same time. After a little walking and talking, I mentioned the roof issues we've been having. "Well, I'm a roofer," he said. So he's coming by on Tuesday morning to take a look at our roof. How about that?!


  1. Stunning picture!

    And good luck with the roof...
    Callie knows how to make good friends...

    WV should help... "some quicksilver

  2. Yes, I would say Adonis Blue. Your ID skills are getting really good! Well done.

  3. talk about networking! I have never seen a butterfly like this; your camera even captured the hairs on its body and the stripes on the antennae!

  4. That is a lovely photo. It would be nice all blown up adorning a wall somewhere....nature at its best.
    Glad you made friends with a nearby roofer. I hope that he can fix the source of the problem.

  5. how nice to have a neighbor roofer.....hope u dont have to fire him.....that would be awkward.....we had visitors in the night here last nite & the bird feeder pole was knocked down & one of the feeders was dragged across the yard.....i'm thinking a bear

  6. OMG- a roofer hoofer! Offer him a drink and snacks when he comes by. I've never seen a butterfly photo like this one- it's lovely.

  7. Cool about the roofer!
    Do you think that Callie was joining in to protect Bertie!? That would be lovely :)

  8. See, there are roofers all over the place. Great news that you are getting different opinions on the situation. Hope one of roofers can fix the roof.
    That is a gorgeous photo of the butterfly and the plant. And it's the same blue in both!

  9. You're getting really good with those close up shots! Wonderful.
    That's too weird you're neighbour being a roofer. Good luck with it.

  10. Lovely picture of the flutterby,
    And great news about both Bertie and the roof. It was obviously fate that brought you to be talking to a roofer just when you needed one!!

  11. I hope he's a good one!!!!

  12. I've borrowed your picture to use as a background on my desktop for a bit. Not too long, though, as it's so good as to be very distracting each time I pass by it.

  13. Azuré bleu céleste...

    Ça ressemble au nom d'une couleur de peinture! lol!

    Superbe photo. So hard to do. You never know if the butterfly will fly away before you get the picture.


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