Friday, June 14, 2013

Mediterranean fish

The sea bream, or dorade royale in French, is mostly a farmed fish these days. It is, however, still caught in the wild throughout the Mediterranean Sea and in the coastal waters of the Atlantic from north Africa to Britain. These two were pulled from the seafood stand at our local supermarket.

Two dorades, just under a kilo, ready for the oven.

We cooked them whole in the oven on a bed of sliced mushrooms with olive oil and white wine. The flesh is delicate and tasty and comes off the bone easily. We served it with millet, one of my favorite grains that's surprisingly hard to find here. Ken recently found some in a local health food store.


  1. After some initial success when we first moved here, I got away from preparing fish.
    Time to get back at it, I think!

  2. They look really good! (What do you guys eat for breakfast? Typical french [bread and jam on a baguette?] or do you still eat oatmeal, cereals... a l'americaine?).

  3. Nadege, that's a good question, and I think that I've wondered it, too. So.... Walt?

    The dorades look amazing!

  4. The fish look very fresh - more like you "pulled them out of the sea"!
    I'm wondering about the preparation of millet? I've only seen it for sale as a plant in the nurseries, here.

  5. Those poor fish don't have much room for swimming about. I had never heard of millet before today.

  6. I do loves me some fishy fishy. when I go to a restaurant, I order either fish or chicken. at home I bake (never fry) fish. - you might find what you need here.

  7. I have not heard of a bream before.

  8. h.peter, we don't have fish often enough, mainly because it's usually very expensive. I often have fish in restaurants because we don't eat much at home.

    nadege, we don't usually eat breakfast, but if we do it's usually a tartine with butter and jelly. Sometimes a croissant.

    judy, they were good!

    mary, millet is cooked just like rice.

    starman, we didn't want them jumpin' out!

    anne marie, thanks!

    michael, I had, but I think this is the first time I've eaten it.


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