Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Funky feline fotos

On Monday's walk with Callie, I encountered Bert in the road. From a distance. Callie never saw him as she had turned off the road into our neighbors' property. I snapped this photo then followed her. We didn't see the cat again; he stealthily made himself scarce.

The lens creates the illusion that Bert is closer than he was. He kept still while he watched until we were out of sight.

Our temperatures have dropped into the teens (sixties fahrenheit). It feels cold after last week's mini heat wave.


  1. Exactly what Shadow does -- view things from a verrry safe distance and then vanish :-)

  2. Cats - that's what they are like, aloof. Not like dogs, they have unconditional love for us. Fools they are!!!!
    We have an blue burmese - dreadful thing but allows us some space in the house as long as we serve her to the level she expects.
    Leon, not Sue who owns the blue burmese.

  3. He's an independent little soul that Bertie isn't he?!
    There's going to be some serious hedge trimming coming up in that road... bet you're glad that they don't all belong to you!

  4. Bert is a very clever cat! He knows how to out-smart Callie, without her even noticing it, despite the fact that she's a very smart dog too! It was lovely to see them both in 'real life' last week! Martine

  5. (p.s. Cats are not aloof. They're just not a cheap date. They love you completely, if sometimes more serenely than their fabulous, energetic puppy pals.)

  6. Thanks for the info on the clay court tournaments. Obviously, I hadn't paid any attention to any other tennis tournaments on clay before! Now, I will start paying more attention.

    I trick my cat in the evenings. He always wants to claw on the box springs, which I detest and always let him know. Then, I sweetly call him back and he runs back and joins me on the bed, purring. (sometimes one just has to play with that feline psyche!!!) Bertie wants to go for a walk, too, I think!

  7. I wonder if they'll ever become friends!

  8. thanks for the bertie pix! next up, a ken pix s'il vous plait!

  9. n&a, very cat-like.

    leon, Bert is only aloof where the dog is concerned, otherwise he loves to come and interact.

    craig, yes, very glad. Some of those hedges get trimmed more than once a year (not mine).

    martine, sometimes Callie will not be interested in the cat and we find that encouraging.

    judy, :)

    mary, do you get the tennis channel where you live?

    starman, one day, maybe. Maybe not!

    anne marie, hmmmm...

  10. That's true, cats love their masters but in their own ways (correct ?)


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