Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cherry baby, come out tonight

Spring is one of the, wait for it, Four Seasons. Rim shot. You may remember that last year was a lousy year for fruit. We had no apples on our trees and peaches and cherries were rare. Well, this year seems back to normal. The blossoms have been abundant and now we're seeing the fruit.

Young cherries just starting to ripen.

Our apple trees are covered with little apples and the peaches, plums, and cherries that grow around the neighborhood are looking good. Maybe we'll be able to pinch a bit here and there. There are some trees that don't seem to be harvested so sometimes we get some of the fruit before the birds do.


  1. baby cherries! you are lucky to live in a fruitful (heh heh heh) area!

  2. Best plums I've ever tasted are right outside your back gate! Glad to hear of your bountiful season this year.

  3. Wow! Haven't thought of that song in a while...
    Goodie! Looks like we'll have lots of your scrumptious desserts to ogle on your site!

  4. Wonderful. We just bought our first cherries of the season and they are so good.

  5. The fruit trees just needed a little moisture.

  6. anne marie, we like it!

    evelyn, we need a little more sunshine!

    mary, I hope so.

    mitch, I haven't had any yet... too soon for us up here.

    starman, they certainly got that!

  7. I see lots of pies on the horizon with tons of fabulous mouth-watering photos.


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