Sunday, September 13, 2015


I don't think there is any such place in France, officially. The cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris sits on an island in the river Seine and in certain places you can see its reflection in the water. That is, unless the almost constant boat traffic makes too many waves. I was lucky with this shot; the ripples in the water made the reflection look like an impressionist painting.

I bet it would be a cool night shot, too.

This is another one of those color slides that I took around twenty or so years ago, digitized and improved with Lightroom software. I'm sure I've posted another version of this photo back in the early days of the blog, but it was in a much smaller format.


  1. Beautiful, Walt, simply beautiful.

  2. Really fabulous! Someone ought to buy rights to this one for use SOMEWHERE. :)

  3. Invert it, et voila, un Monet! (Or, better still, leave it as it is.)

  4. Stunning. I flipped it over just to see it become a painting (although it's already that in its original version).

  5. This would make a gorgeous water color painting.


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