Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Le Champ de Mars

The Champ de Mars is a large green space on Paris' Left Bank. On one end, at the river, is the Eiffel Tower. At the other end is the Ecole Militaire complex, built under Louis XV in the eighteenth century. In between, large lawns are bordered by wide walkways, gardens, and long allées of shade trees.

One of the allées that runs the length of the park. The big lawns are to the right, outside the photo.

The tall building in the photo is the Tour Montparnasse whose northwestern facade faces the Eiffel Tower. The two towers don't line up perfectly, but just enough to make for some interesting views through the trees.


  1. I'm enjoying your Paris series, Walt :)

  2. judy, thanks! It's been fun to look at the old photos again.


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