Thursday, September 03, 2015

Ripening on the vine

The grapes are getting closer to harvest. The growers have to gauge the timing based on the sugar content of the grapes vs. the weather. From my extensive research quick glance at the internet, I understand that the earliest date that harvesting can begin for AOC varietals is set administratively in each département. It's normally about 100 days from flowering, but can vary based on weather and other conditions. After that date, each individual grower can decide the best time to harvest his/her grapes.

Sauvignon blanc on the vine about a week ago. There's just a tinge of gold on some of these grapes. Can you see it?

My untrained eye sees that the red grapes are close (and very sweet), and the sauvignon (white) grapes are beginning to get that golden look that they get when they're ready. The forecast for the next few days is dry and sunny, so that should help move things along nicely. Of course, it's all about the sugar content. The next week will be interesting.


  1. I can see the golden tinge. I like your research methods ;-)

  2. grapes are very delicious now

  3. evelyn, if it's on the internet, it must be true, right?

    gosia, it's the season for them!

    anne marie, me too!


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