Tuesday, September 01, 2015

La rentrée scolaire

Today is the day that most kids go back to school in France. On Monday, I went out to the grocery store and noticed that the summer traffic (especially to the zoo) was mostly gone. The supermarket's parking lot was not full, and there were no lines at the checkout stand. The summer vacation season has come to a close.

All those jet trails are coming from up north, where Paris is.

A rain system moved in and it's been wet most of the night. There was some thunder and lightning last evening, but nothing serious. And this morning is much cooler than it has been. We got 31mm (1.2 inches) of rain over night.

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  1. We had a tremendous storm, with rolling thunder starting in Amboise. By the time we got home it was dark and raining stair rods and a bit of hail. We were in Claudette, whose windscreen wipers and lights are not the equipment you want to be forced to use in these circumstances. It rained heavily, with water running down the street, for several hours.


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