Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The beginning of the end

It seems that, with September 1, the weather changed and summer is on the way out. I'm hopeful that we'll still have some nice weather through September and into October, but I can definitely feel a change. The mornings and evenings are darker. There's the hint of a chill in the air.

Spent rose blossoms in a neighbor's garden.

The vines and trees are still green. It still looks like summer outside. Grape harvesting hasn't started yet. We have a lot of tomatoes and are still getting zucchini from the garden. The daily question remains: how will we eat zucchini today? Ken made a great ratatouille on Tuesday, and that used up some. And now I need to get started on picking up the fallen apples. It is time.


  1. "The daily question remains: how will we eat zucchini today?".....
    And the answer is.......?

    We've also got Yellow Crooknecks to add to the equation!!!
    But... fresh veg... less than two hours off the plant... or less... just can't be beaten!!

    That was some rain yesterday early doors... we had 35mm... Petit Pressigny recorded 60mm...
    but it means no backaching watering for a few days................

  2. what a pity autumn is coming

  3. Oh but I do miss seasons and the foodstuffs thereto.

  4. We're glad of the cooler days and especially the cooler nights.
    Summer was good and it lasted a good long time. I feel it has done us good and fortified us for the autumn and winter.

  5. tim, we got 31mm, more than I was expecting!

    john, lol. Yup.

    gosia, it can be nice!

    michael, since moving here from San Francisco, I have come to appreciate them again. I grew up with seasons in upstate NY.

    jean, it is so much better for sleeping. We're actually looking forward to the change in seasons this year having had a proper summer!


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