Tuesday, September 08, 2015

It has begun

I noticed a bunch of cars and trucks out in the vineyard on Monday. Harvesting has started in one of the parcels. It is hand-harvesting, which they do here and there, although most of the harvest will be done by machine. I don't know which varietals they were picking or even which color grapes they were. Time will tell.

Red grapes on the vine, almost ready for harvest.

I've picked up all of the fallen apples (except for those on the walkway) and am ready to cut the grass again. We're expecting a few more days of dry, warm (but not hot) weather before another system moves through this coming weekend. I doubt this will be the last cut of the season, but picking up apples should be less of a chore now that most of them are off the trees (thanks to that wind storm a couple of weeks ago). I did manage to save a few nice ones for an apple tart this afternoon.


  1. And so our season begins its turn into the next one.

  2. I've been gone too long. Glad to see the grapes grew and prospered in my absence.

  3. I miss having my own, homegrown, grapes...

  4. Lovely. What a nice reward the tart will be after all of your hard work!

  5. RED? they look purple to me! either that, or my eyes betray me...

    1. anne marie, well, I called them "red" because they'll be used to make red wine. As opposed to "white" grapes, which are green/gold. :)


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