Sunday, September 06, 2015

Piles for miles

I used my new garden tool, un racloir, to "rake" the fallen apples in our yard into little piles (it's not a rake, but kind of a very wide hoe). Once that's done, I can kneel down on the ground and toss the apples into a wheel barrow, which is exactly what I did to all these piles on Saturday. Today I plan to do the same with the apples under the other two trees. Then I'll be ready to cut the grass again later in the week.

Each of these piles, except for the two smallest ones, filled up the wheelbarrow for 6 trips to the compost pile. The racloir is leaning up against the tree trunk.

The current chilly weather is supposed to give way to warmer temperatures as the week progresses, with nothing but sun in the forecast. I'll probably be out there on Wednesday with the lawnmower.


  1. You need to find a hooch man!

  2. Apple chutney?

  3. these are the a-zapper apples?

  4. ellen, nope.

    simon, if only.

    jean-paul, we'll make pies and applesauce with what's left on the tree, but these are for the compost.

    gosia, yup!

    michael, you got it!


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