Thursday, October 01, 2015

This time I mean it

Maybe. I'm still messing around with the scans of my Paris slides from twenty or so years ago. Most of them are just not technically good enough to rescue. There is a lot of dust that got scanned (cleaning and re-scanning might help that, but that's a project for another time) or the exposures are out of whack or they're too blurry. No amount of software manipulation can bring back a bad photo.

This island in the Seine is the historical center of Paris.

So here's the last one for a while. It's the western tip of the Ile de la Cité taken from the Pont du Carrousel. You can see the steel Pont des Arts in the foreground and the stone arches of the Pont Neuf crossing the tip of the island behind. The twin bell towers of the Cathedral of Notre Dame are at center-right, the spire of the Sainte Chapelle rises toward the center, and the conical towers of the Conciergerie can be seen to the far left. Since I'm looking upstream, the Left Bank is on the right.


  1. I've been enjoying this series tremendously.

  2. Oh, but they are so wonderful to see, even if they don't meet -- to you -- your technical standards! I often do not even see the imperfections that you and Ken point out in the quality of your photos :)))) I love the old Paris photos!

  3. jacqueline, thanks.

    judy, it's all in the eye of the beholder, as they say. There is often a difference between what I "see" and what actually comes out of the camera. The trick is in trying to minimize that difference.

    christine, merci buttercups!

  4. Beautiful photo. Lovely tones.
    It would make a nice picture for display on a wall somewhere.


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