Sunday, October 11, 2015

Callie with vineyard shed

Well, if it isn't Callie again. She was stopped, as usual, waiting for me to finish taking pictures. I turned and saw this and snapped quickly. Luckily, the photo worked. Even if Callie looks a little dorky. She's getting groomed on Wednesday, so she'll look less disheveled.

The building is a concrete block vineyard shelter. It's open, abandoned, and full of weeds.

Our weather is supposed to get a little colder this coming week. The forecasters are predicting a northeast wind, which means air from Moscow which, in turn, means cold. We have plenty of wood for fires, and the central heating will be back in service on Monday. It's still the old boiler; we're waiting for the new one to be delivered and installed at some time in the coming month.


  1. It is a great idea a shelter next to the vineyard it can protect from rain..

  2. Callie could never look dorky! It's been colder here, too. When I went out last night, I didn't even wear shorts!

  3. Sweet Callie adds such a nice dimension to this great photo :)

  4. I realize one of the many charms of your blog is it acts as a calendar for me; it get to see the seasons ebb and flow, hearing about the tempertures and seasonal goings-on. I find this lovely.

  5. gosia, I think that's partly what it was used for, as well as storage. But no longer.

    mitch, so you went "commando?" lol

    judy, I thought so. I wish she had been standing in a prettier pose, but she was looking at something in the distance.

    michael, it kind of serves the same purpose for me, forcing me to take notice of what's going on, as well as being a memory of what we did and when.


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