Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Replacing stakes

I've noticed that the people who work in the vineyards have been out pulling up old stakes for replacement. The stakes are mostly wooden, but some growers are now replacing them with galvanized steel so that they last longer. Others replace old wooden stakes with new wooden stakes.

An old vineyard stake that's been pulled up, waiting for its replacement.

Our old wooden back gate needs replacing. It's literally falling apart. The wood is rotten and new paint would be wasted on it. Ken and I are talking with a gate company about a replacement. We want something very minimal, and not necessarily wooden, but we're pretty sure it will have to be a custom job because the dimensions are not standard. Nothing in this house is standard, we've found out over the years.


  1. NF = Norme Francaise....
    NOTHING in France is normal...
    it is part of the joy of living here!!

    When we had our old longère windows replaced with double-glazed units...
    all three windows were "exactly" the same...
    they differed "only" by around 2 to 3 centimetres...
    the joiner said, on measuring, "Ahhhh! C'est normal!"

    Surprisingly, however, when we had our barn doors swapped around...
    they were only 3mm different... in both dimensions...
    but the barn originally belonged to an abbey... so money spoke, methinks!?

  2. And you're not standard either. So it all fits.

  3. Standard is overrated.

    My grandfather refused to have metal anything on the family farm... stakes, posts, gates all had to be wooden. For his 75th birthday I built him a new barnyard gate to replace the one which had succumbed to dry rot. You'd have thought I'd bought him a new tractor!

  4. What Mitchell said, lol! Custom made is usually best.

  5. tim, I guess it helps provide employment!

    mitch, or doesn't, as it were. lol

    jacqueline, I built a gate once. Key word: once.

    evelyn, but off-the-shelf is cheaper!


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