Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday macros

The heavy morning dew and mists of October (and November) make all the spiders' webs out around the vineyards very visible. Much of the time I don't see the spiders themselves, but in this web, the occupant was front and center. I wasn't very close when I took this photo. The web was strung up on the other side of a ditch with water standing in it and the tall grasses all around were soaking wet.

An even closer shot would have been cool. 1/320s, f / 6.3, ISO 1000, 100mm macro lens.

Our mornings have been relatively chilly so I've been building fires in the wood stove to bring up the temperature inside the house. We drained the central heating system last summer when we had two radiators removed and painted. I was hoping that the new boiler we ordered would be delivered and installed before we had to use the system this fall, but it's not here yet. Today we're expecting the heating people to come and re-fill the system and get the old boiler running again, temporarily. We could do it ourselves, but we have a service contract and they offered to come out, so why not let the experts do it?


  1. Wow, what a photo. One can really study how the spider works its magic.

  2. Love this spider with his web. Sorry about the boiler business.

  3. Here's one done with a simple, small Canon point-and-shoot in my back yard. I bought this camera new for less than $100:


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