Thursday, October 22, 2015

Vine time

Well, it's always vine time around here. Or is that wine time? I think the vineyards are peaking right now in terms of fall color. Most of the leaves are bright yellow, but soon they'll go brown and fall off and pruning season will begin. Fortunately, I'm a spectator and I don't have to be out there in all kinds of weather working on the vines.

Reds and yellows in the same group of vines.

We got our front gate repair done yesterday. The gate people fabricated a replacement for the broken lame (picket) while we waited. The picket was damaged in the wind storm five years ago when tiles blew off our roof. The gate looks almost like new again. We also got a preliminary estimate for replacing the worn out back garden gate. The staff smiled when Ken showed them a photo of the gate. They said that it looked quite fatigué (tired). That's a polite way of putting it! We may get another estimate before deciding what to do, but I really liked the people we talked to yesterday, so we'll see. I also asked for information about a new garage door, a project that may go on the list for next year.


  1. I hope we'll get before and after photos of the garden gates?

  2. I hope we'll get before and after photos of the garden gates?

  3. I love home improvements, especially when someone else is paying for them. We're about to start some work here. Maybe we could just send you the bills?

  4. the vineyard looks perfect

  5. Are grape vine leaves useful for autumn decorations?


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