Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Heavily galvanised

Someone was conscientious. Rather than toss the label on the ground, whoever strung this vineyard wire (and I'm pretty sure I know who it was) placed it artfully in a crack in one of the posts at the end of a row. This is a new parcel, just planted last year. It's not producing grapes yet, but in a couple more years, when the little vines have grown good roots and sturdy trunks, it will be.

The label in three languages: French, what looks like German, and English (British, using an "s" in place of a "z").

I took my ailing chainsaw into the shop on Tuesday and the mechanic there fixed it on the spot. I told him what happened and he nodded, understanding exactly what happened and what needed to be done. He said that when the chain jumps the guide, the teeth get deformed (I knew that) and that they could be meulées (ground) back into shape (I didn't know that). I asked if it would be easier just to get a new chain and he said oh no, there's plenty of life left in the old chain. He took it off the saw and went to work while I watched. Then he said the cutting elements needed to be sharpened and asked if I wanted him to do that, too. I said yes, and about five minutes later the chain was as good as new and back on the saw. The mechanic has worked on stuff for me before and he knows me. He's always got a smile and knows exactly what to do, and I liked that he fixed the old chain rather than simply sell me a new one at twice the price.


  1. Whatever you do, hang onto that man... a good and honest mechanic is hard to find!

  2. I do agree, a good man is hard to find.


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