Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The last gasp

I wonder if we'll have an "Indian summer" this year? It doesn't feel like it so far. Each day feels a little chillier than the one before. But you never know. Meanwhile, the last of the Jerusalem artichokes are providing a little fall color for us. The leaves on the trees are also turning gold and yellow and, in the vineyard, some vine leaves are turning red. They've also started to drop.

Bright yellow fall flowers in front of the garden shed.

We're ready. We've got firewood and, now, the boiler and central heating system are back up and running. We had a few little glitches getting the old system back in working order yesterday, including a few minor leaks in the radiator valves and a pump that was clogged. That just reinforces our decision to replace the old boiler. We also decided to replace all the old radiator valves while we're at it. I can't wait.


  1. Oooh, boy, you'll be really set this winter!

  2. i have the same flowers in my garden

  3. Moi aussi, Gosia- they are cheerful flowers to see when we know Winter is on its way.

  4. There sure are a lot of different plants that produce yellow daisy-like flowers. I thought these were black-eyed susans until I read what you said.

  5. judy, I hope so!

    gosia, they are pretty ones!

    evelyn, gives us a little more color in the fall.

    chris, I miss the susans we had. I think you brought us some seeds one year.


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