Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall in full swing

More and more the leaves are turning, with shades of yellow and gold being the predominant colors around us. There are plenty of evergreens, and here and there a tree or plot of grape vines will show some red. Leaves are starting to drop at a regular rate, but most of them are still hanging on.

Plenty of yellow and gold. Just a few weeks ago these vines were a very deep green. Before long they will be bare.

I did manage to get started on cutting the grass on Monday afternoon. I'll finish up today. And Ken tilled up a small section of the vegetable garden and planted seeds for more collards, kale, and chard. They're under a cold frame so we're hoping they'll sprout, even with the weather getting cooler. It's an experiment.


  1. Fingers crossed your experiment turns out well. We're planning on building a cold frame next spring so I'll be interested in seeing how yours performs.

  2. Isn't gardening all about experimenting? Here's hoping for a good harvest of greens.

  3. Autumn in Derbyshire has been gorgeous. The trees are full of colour and the weather has been mild and mostly sunny. It's usually much colder, wetter and windier.

  4. The weather makes for beautiful scenes.


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